Welcome to the official site for the Mnemonic project! Here you’ll find games to read and play, setting guides, some game design theory, and anything else that comes up that makes sense to include. Mnemonic is a project managed by Dee Pennyway, in collaboration with a number of artists and designers.

Mnemonic is a few things: it’s a fantasy setting, it’s a collection of roleplaying games, it’s a space for game development. Let’s break it down real quick:

The Setting

In Mnemonic, the world itself has a living, evolving memory. That memory permeates everything in the setting, from the people who live there today, to their ancestors, to the trees and flowers and soil and the oceans. This memory wraps the world up like a complicated quilt, and woven into its fabric is every event that has ever happened.

For some, this fabric provides tools for altering the world around them. We call these practitioners weavers; if you’re looking for wizards and mages and the like, weavers are the closest analog to that. With sufficient guidance and training, anyone can become a weaver.

Mnemonic used to have dragons, but the dragons are gone now. When they were around, they were an oppressive, dominating influence on the world. It’s generally accepted that the world is better off without them, although their extinction remains a point of…if not regret, then at least remorse, for those who know their history.

The Games

Mnemonic is a setting, and a number of games have been written with the intent of their being used within that setting. Each game is written for a different kind of play, from thoughtful meditations like Lost in the Grey to full-scale adventures like Beyond the Rift.

Each game has its own rules, and is presented with everything you need to get started. Play them one at a time for one-off stories, or string them together to make your own tapestry with friends.

The Project

Mnemonic is this site, which is intended to serve not only as a launchpad for games written for the Mnemonic setting, but also as a potential template for other independent creators looking to build their own creative spaces. At some point there will be documentation about how this site was created and how you can use it as a model for your own site, and a link to it will be available here.

This site also houses Dee’s blog, which may include things that have nothing to do with Mnemonic. (It’s my site, you can’t stop me)

This site was created with Hugo, and built on top of Platen in collaboration with the development team.